Lantana’s ‘Streetsweeper Radio’ Freestyle

11.02.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

lantana streetsweepers radio freestyle

“Live for what I die for…”

Every now and then, we get one of those really exceptional talents that shows up on the scene and floors us. Those artists who rap not like it’s just a first choice, but their only choice in life. Right now, Latana doing a lot to own pole position in the spotlight.

My man 50 grand Roberto pulled my ear to “All Hustle, No Luck” a while back and he also shot me a link for the Cincy MC’s Streetsweeper Radio free two weeks ago. Both share the same qualities: raw and aggressive. I don’t know his material well enough to say if all these lines for Kay Slay’s show are legit, off-the-dome shots but they do have that feel to them as he stops on a dime during the “Cooley High” instrumental, then picks right back truckin’.

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