Yes, The LAPD Is Still The Worst, Still No Truck For Women Accidentally Shot During Dorner Chase

03.13.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

It’s been a solid month* since Chris Dorner turned LA on its head and opened up a dialogue about the state of police brutality in this country. In that month, the LAPD has already screwed over two citizens they accidentally shot so clearly business is back to usual.

During the hunt for Chris Dorner, the LAPD actually opened fire on a truck occupied by Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71. The two were injured and their truck was destroyed. So, naturally, the LAPD would rectify this situation by replacing the truck and helping the family out, right? Sure!

The LAPD promised to replace the truck regardless of if the women filed for litigation or not. Well, now the LAPD is telling the women that receiving the truck would be treated like winning a prize and they would have to pay taxes on it.

So, let’s recap:

1. While hunting down a vicious criminal who shoots innocent people, the LAPD shot two innocent people.

2. To pay for damages, the LAPD promised a new truck. That promise wasn’t kept.

3. The two women shot have not been back to work due to injuries and now also have no transportation.

Gee, why would anyone want to pick on those guys at the LAPD, again?


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* – Also, back in that original post I said that a police officer had never done anything beneficial for my life. Well, in all fairness I have to make an addendum to that statement. During my Saturday night at All-Star Weekend in Houston I was stranded without a ride or a taxi anywhere in sight at 4am about an hour away from my hotel room. One cop, out of the kindness of his heart, offered to drive me downtown. So he was a definite life saver and I’d never felt more thankful for law enforcement being there to help out.

I did, though, send out a few texts to let people know that I was being driven by a cop because I was legit worried he would take me to an abandoned field, shoot me and tell people that I tried to steal his car or something. Hey, trust is a slow process.

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