Latarian Milton Is Now A Former Doer Of Hood Rat Stuff

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06.05.15 15 Comments

Seven years ago, Latarian Milton was a viral sensation. You may remember him as the seven-year-old kid who stole his grandmama’s car and crashed it in a parking lot. Between being quoted as “smoking with cigarettes,” enjoying “bad things ’cause they’re fun to do,” and wanting “to do hood rat stuff with his friends,” the kid was a Black Twitter staple before Twitter was even invented. Without no Latarian, there’s no Lil TeRrio to amuse us.

Well, Latarian has grown up a lot since then. Florida’s WPBF 25 recently caught up with the now 14-year-old to find out that he’s graduated middle school and professes that “doing wrong is bad.” He’s got dreams of playing football and, if that doesn’t work out, he’s interested joining the Navy. Laterian’s apologetic grandmama is still around and very supportive of his maturity.

It’s a good thing Latarian turned himself around. Makes it much easier to laugh at that Boondocks episode knowing he’s got his head on straight now.

(via WPBF, H/T D-Listed)

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