L.atasha A.lcindor – “Bee.Em” (Prod. By Cutty Johnson)

11.04.13 4 years ago


L.atasha A.lcindor’s sit down with Afropunk provided insight behind the creation and inspiration for her new record, “Bee.Em.”

“Bee.Em” is important. For one, it wasn’t supposed to be released yet. I had been sitting on this song for months and my boo decided to push me into releasing it. I appreciate him for that. It’s an incomplete work on my observations on racial situations going on currently. I am not a racist! I love white people! But I am not one for ignorance of my history and culture as well. So in appropriate time “Bee.Em”, the full version, will be released sometime soon so people can hate me more for it. [Laughs].But they don’t care about that they just care that the beat is crazy. Shoutout to Shawn Cutty Johnson for that. Very cool.

There we have it. L.A.’s not only social conscious, but she’s taken, too, because all the good ones are. Let this serve as the one and only warning to think twice before swan diving in her DM’s on Twitter. Anywho, those looking for more music from L.atasha are encouraged to give her Spark EP a spin.

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