L.atasha A.lcindor Goes Mean Girl For “Lil Haiti”

05.18.14 3 years ago

L.atasha A.lcindor lil haiti

What is it with the “Chi-Raq” beat bringing out the meanness in people? Granted, I’m sure there are plenty of wack “remixes” to Nicki and Herb’s original, but add L.atasha A.lcindor to the shortlist that includes Bizzle and Durk that not only murked this beat, but had us sitting there with our eyes wide open.

“Lil Haiti” is LA spitting for over three minutes straight. Nothing and no one is safe from the wrath of her raps. She had me cackling pretty early on with that comment about the Coachella basix, and then she just got sharper with her barbs and lyrics from there on. If this is any indication of what’s to come on her upcoming project Pupa, color me excited!

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