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Nisey Kamai l

Nisey Kamai

Lauryn Hill Skipping House Arrest & Going On Tour [HHW]

Who’s Faster: Humans Or Self-Checkout Machines? [WSJ]

The 1.2 Second Life Of A Field Goal Kick [NYT]

David Dallas: No Need To Shout [NZ Herald]

Celebrity Crime Files: Biggie’s Last Night [The Urban Daily]

The Curious Case Of Sean Carter: 5 Reasons Hov Should Retire [iHipHop]

Chain Restaurant Workers Reveal The Items They Refuse To Eat [Business Insider]

Jennifer Lopez To Play Rihanna’s Mother In New Film [Giant]

Meet The Galloping Robot That Will One Day Hunt Humans [The Spizzy]

TSA Moving Towards A ‘Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell’ With Marijuana On Airplanes [HMJ]

A$AP Ferg Makes Harlem Proud With ‘Trap Lord’ [Radio]

Meet The Real Producer Behind Pusha T’s ‘King Push’ [Revolt TV]

New E-Book Lending Service Aims To Be Netflix For Books [NPR]

3 Sweatpants Outfits That Don’T Tell The World You’ve Given Up [Crosby Press]

The Olympic Torch Went Out, Russians Re-Lit It With A Cigarette Lighter [WL]

Hate It: ‘Scandal’ Is A Twitter Sensation, Not Brilliant TV [She The People]

Former NFL Player Larry Johnson Is Now A Strip Club DJ [Bossip]

7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget By Stic of Dead Prez [Plant Based]

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