Leafly, “The Yelp! Of Marijuana,” Launches New Mobile App

02.03.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

leafly-marijuana app

We all should’ve guessed that a weed app was in the works. As America slowly but surely allows pot to be used for medical and recreational consumption, consumers are going to be given more freedom than ever to decide where they want to go for their dimes and nickels. And so, Leafly was born.

Hardly reinventing the wheel, the website and its newly launched mobile app look to take the same customer review-style of critique that’s made services like Yelp! such a success and turn them on the dispensaries that keep popping up in your neighborhood, should you live in one of the 20 weed-friendly states.

At this point, any marijuana-related news is simultaneously surprising and unsurprising. Now that that it’s legal, there are millions just waiting to be made on the once-banned substance. Give it a few years; a national weed-store chain is bound to pop up.

But, man. Yelp! for weed? Seriously? Kind of a slap in the face for those of us with memories of picking up whatever stepped-on gram you could drum up.

Leafly’s available now for iPhone and Android users.

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