NBA Fast Break: LeBron’s Angry, Uncle Drew’s Coming Back, Iverson’s Retiring (Again)

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10.18.13 42 Comments

Words by Bansky

It seems LeBron felt some type of way about 26 players saying they’d pick Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant to take a final shot over him in an anonymous ESPN The Magazine poll.

“Players in our league said that? All right. I really don’t care what 30 guys in our league say about me taking the last shot. I’ve got a few game winners in my career. I don’t let teams hang around too much for the last shot. I don’t think the definition of clutch is who takes the last shot. There are guys who come through for their teams in different circumstances.”

Judging by the numbers, he kind of has a point. Always good to piss off the reigning back-to-back regular season and finals MVP a few weeks before the season starts.

— Kyrie Irving is bringing Uncle Drew back on October 28, according to Pepsi Max’s Instagram. Am I the only one who wants Uncle Drew and Spiderman to show up at the same court and start playing people?

— The Pistons won’t be offering Greg Monroe his next contract until the season is over, and really, the writing has been on the wall here for a while now. With nearly $80 million in long term money committed to Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings and promising center Andre Drummond set to get a new deal after next season there really isn’t much room left for Monroe. Expect tons of lip service from the Pistons and Monroe but the third year big man will be in trade rumors all year, and with good reason.

— Kobe Bryant gave Sports Illustrated‘s Lee Jenkins an in-depth interview discussing his recovery from a ruptures Achilles tendon. Plenty of people are abuzz around the Internet that Kobe could have been Jesus Shuttlesworth in Spike Lee’s He Got Game (this is old news since Kevin Garnett, Stephon Marbury and others were offered the part as well) but for me, I can’t get over the fact that Kobe tried to push his Achilles back onto his heel and go back into the game. Read that again: he tried to reattach a major tendon to his body with his bare hands.

— James Harden and Dwight Howard seem to be getting along just fine in Houston (for now).

— According to Chris Broussard Allen Iverson is going to formally retire before the 76ers home opener October 30th versus the Miami Heat. Bubba Chuck finishes up his career sixth all time in points per game with 26.7 ppg and will certainly walk into the hall of fame in five years. Sidenote: this will most likely be the highlight of the Sixers 10-win season.

— In Miami and Brooklyn there are a lot of pots and kettles on a stove calling each other black. Kevin Garnett responds to Dwyane Wade and Lebron James’ comments about how the Celtics treated Ray Allen after he signed with the Heat last summer. And I quote KG: “Tell LeBron to worry about Miami.” The Nets and Heat play a real game that actually counts November 1st, it’ll be the third time they see each other in two weeks.

— In surgically reconstructed knee news, Andrew Bynum is “close to practicing” just a day after Greg Oden was held out of practice after his knee swelled up after his first five-on-five practice. Who plays first this year?

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