LeBron James Is A Typical Sports Dad Watching His Kid Play Basketball

07.21.14 4 years ago 23 Comments

With LeBron James, everything is debated. Should he have stayed in Miami? Where does he rank all-time? Should he abandon the headband just rock the straight baldie now that he’s about to enter his 30s? Is he better than Kobe? Can he ever catch Jordan?

LeBron’s a human lightening rod for controversy. That much we know. The one thing that’s never seemed to be in question, even from his staunchest of critics, is that he appears to be genuinely enamored with being a father to his two (soon to be three) kids.*

The latest example of Bron’s uber-eager approach to fatherhood came this past weekend when The King watched his oldest son, LeBron James, Jr., drop 11 points. His Miami City Ballers AAU squad topped their Mississippi opponent 51-46, including an impressive dribble drive And 1 finish at the rim.

Active from the sideline yelling out instructions like any other pops would, the coolest moment comes Big Bron tackles Lil’ Bron after the game as he’s unable to control his own excitement. As for what John Calipari and LeBron were rapping about, we’re just going to assume at least 15 seconds of the conversation had to do with the Class of 2022.

It’s all fun and games until we’re watching LeBron write the final chapter of his career in about 12 years playing his final season alongside LeBron, Jr. I’m joking. Kinda.

* – I’ve always seen LeBron and Savannah’s two sons like Princes William and Harry. The oldest carries on the family heirloom while the youngest just looks like the life of the party in whatever city his G6 plane lands in.

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