LeChoke! LeBrick! LeBosh!

03.04.11 7 years ago 51 Comments

The usual LeBron reporter, Justin Tinsley, will not be serving up the skinny on one of last night’s more important NBA matchups, pitting Eastern Conference foes Orlando and Miami against each other. Odds are he’s still crying after watching The Big Three and the Heat fall short last night.

The Magic won 99-96 but it’s more how the Heat took the L, after leading by 24 points in the third, suffering a 40-9 run by the Magic and then finishing in resoundingly bad fashion. Bosh & LeBron? Wide open looks to at least send the game into OT? That’s what Pat Riley & Wade brought them to town for, right?

LeBron’s shot, a repeat of a Sunday’s clutch situation versus the Knickerbockers. Mi compadre Ed has begun comparing the South Beach villain to Wilt Chamberlain for his inability to navigate the humps.

Bosh shed a few tears at the postgame press conference, perhaps due to the agony of defeat but maybe still reeling from LBJ’s pass off of his face. I’m neither a Heat fan nor detractor, so the loss didn’t hit me as hard as it did Tins and Bosh. Honestly, I think the team – both the individual members and as a whole – will fair fine as they get more games under their belts. But those “growing pains,” as Wade characterized them, certainly do hurt.

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