Lecrae Calls Out Rap’s Materialistic Obsessions On New Track, “Nuthin”

07.02.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

One year removed from his Grammy win, Lecrae is back to get y’all ready for his seventh(!) album. Showcasing an aggressive tone, “Nuthin” is his lead single for Anomaly, due out in August. In what sounds like a nice, tweaked sample of the Luniz classic, the lyrics stand out here mostly.

“Lemme guess you countin’ money to the ceiling
Difference ‘tween us like at least a couple million
There’s foreign cars, pretty girls everywhere you go?
Yeah I heard it thirty times on the radio”

Lecrae never shies away from speaking truths in his records, and this track seems to be a perfect example. As an ode to the mindless rap and ideals that plague the sound waves, #realrap fans and those who dwell in a reality that doesn’t include designer fashions, ki’s and the like will love “Nuthin.”

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