We’ve Reached Peak-Chaz Bundick On Les Sins’ ‘Bother’

08.20.14 4 years ago


Les Sins, for the uninitiated, is the little side-project that Toro Y Moi frontman Chaz Bundick keeps when he wants to experiment more than he does with TYM.

Every once in a while Chaz will bless fans with stuff from this particular moniker, and while there hasn’t been anything that’s made Les Sins incredibly different than TYM (it’s… dancier?), Chaz usually packs his Les Sins material with more outright aggression and sex, like on “Bother” below. The track doesn’t obscure its ambitions, which is to napalm the dance floor. The beat bludgeons, while vocal samples sprout up all around the joint, claiming, “don’t bother me, I’m working.”

It’s really catchy. Don’t be surprised if your city’s trendier clubs start to throw this into rotation.

“Bother” will appear on Chaz’s full-length Les Sins project, Michael, that will release on Nov. 4.

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