Let The Truth Be Told…

10.14.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

Smooth as Silk.

Thanks to Gruems and his insightful Soundscan commentary, and NO ONE ELSE, I’ve been informed of a new Z-Ro album, titled Crack.

I don’t usually go the acronym route, but SMH.

How does an artist who’s got twleve above-average albums and has been a major player in the Dirty for around ten years, fly completely under the radar at every major blog on the net? Did J Prince forget about his artists again? With a dufflebag full of ammunition, including flows, hooks and beats, Z-Ro the Crooked should be pushed as hard as any emcee on Rap-A-Lot. If not harder.

Now, the question is, who has actually heard the album? Is it really that hard like the title suggests? I already know it ain’t soft. I personally own five Z-Ro albums and while none of them are classic material, they all get burn after first listen, which says a lot.

Should I cop this one, too?

Someone, please, inform the informer. Let me know if my man Joesph McVey is coming back to the plate with the somber Houston trunk rattlers one more time.

I would imagine so, but hey, you’d think I would’ve heard about it by now.

Z-Ro – Top Notch

Z-Ro Feat. Lil Keke – If That’s How You Feel

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