Let’s All Watch The Dolphins Cut Chad Johnson On HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

08.15.12 5 years ago 29 Comments

Two things are painfully obvious.

1. The whole Chad and Evelyn thing is the story for the week and will remain a story for weeks to come. And that story is only going to get more gruesome to watch and hear about as the details continue to come out.

2. It sucks to be Chad right now. He’s been charged with noggin-knocking his now ex-wife, had a marriage shorter than Kim Kardashian and now he’s out of work. As much as it hurts to see any may suffering, Chad set this stage for himself by constantly craving the crowd’s attention and media-whoring his whole career. Now, whether he wants the cameras or not, they’re there and rolling to document his whole downward spiral.

For today’s installment of “Hi, My Name Is Chad & My Life’s Currently Screwed,” HBO’s “Hard Knocks” films the day after, which included the wide receiver formally known as Ochocinco getting cut by coach Joe Philbin.

And, yes, that is a “Young and Restless” t-shirt that Chad’s wearing. Hey, nobody said decision-making was ever his strong suit.

[Broken Cool]

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