“Like Moths To A Flame…” – Kanye, Louis Vuitton & NYMag

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It seems as if Kanye may have inadvertently caused yet another minor skirmish.

Apparently, Louis V. decided against using those images that Kanye said were going to be used in the ad for his upcoming LV sneaker. We’ve already discussed how LV is very selective about their image & how/where their products are displayed. While I was happy to look @ Amber’s bum and I’ve seen racier ads in various men’s fashion mags, it’s the company’s decision, again, to determine how they want their products marketed; not Kanye’s.

The skirmish portion comes in when the widely-read NYMag reported on things.

“So to answer the question we all asked when we first saw these images, no, Louis Vuitton is not out of its mind. We’re still not sure what the shots are for. We’re guessing some kind of urban magazine like Giant. Unless Vogue has lost its mind.”

Often, verbal squabbles like these can be seen in volleyball terms. NYMag‘s Amy Odell dinked the ball over the net & Parlour’s Steely D. fires a spike back across like Greg Focker.

I have issues with Odell’s statements for several reasons. First, the mention of Giant in a condescending tone is a bit much. Especially since NYMag did a photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan almost naked last year and I’m sure that was more risque than many were ready for, not to mention Lohan’s bum is the opening photo. Secondly, the phrase “some kind of urban magazine” sounds like non-urban mags don’t show women half naked, etc. Thirdly, her statement “Unless Vogue has lost its mind” is condescending too. Frankly, I wish – I’m sure Anna Wintour does too – that US Vogue would lose it’s mind. The book would probably sell more issues.

I consider myself somewhat impartial here. We’ve given Kanye hell and praise alike. And, I oogled @ Lindsay & Amber’s nudity equally. On this one, I have to agree with Steely because Odell’s snarky remarks did seem like a thinly veiled swipe as if “urban” artists cannot create “art” – be it in film, music, clothing, photography, etc. – without being trashy. To me, Kanye & Amber’s shoot was tasteful, seeing as how only a portion of her suppleness was shown.

And lest the old guard forget (or their descendants refuse to accept), “urban” culture is now the most popular culture. Kanye is one of the leaders from whom the masses take style cues. Even though Kanye’s hit & miss with his predictions in my opinion, half the posts on his blog deal with high-end fashion, furniture & art. Younger twenty-somethings just cashing their first real paychecks & still chasing all things couture eat those words up as the gospel. And their reading & watching him, taking their hints.

If NYMag, Vogue etc. want to stay ahead of the wave and not get swept under it, they’d be wise to work with Kanye, accommodate his way-out ways and rake in the sales. Hey, it’s better than the alternative.

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