Lil B Disses Migos In Appropriately Titled “Rick Ross”

07.05.14 3 years ago 22 Comments

You know those times that you’re with a group of people, and they all start laughing about something and you have absolutely no idea what’s so funny? You laugh along anyway, all the while wondering what that inside joke is about. That’s how I feel about Lil B’s diss of Migos, in a song inexplicably called “Rick Ross.”

In between choruses of him saying “Flexin for that money and I look like Rick Ross (figaro!)” and doing his best Rozay grunt, he sneaks in the line “Quavo stole my swag” and keeps it moving along. Sounds more like a call for attention than anything else, but Quavo is not amused.

And The Based God speaks:

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