Lil Boosie Feat. Lil Trill, Webbie & Foxx – “Better Not Fight” Video

10.21.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

There’s always been a love/hate relationship with videos like this for me. Think back to the first time you saw Pac’s “Hail Mary” visual. It was dope because his spirit was still being allowed to haunt Hip-Hop. But it was also depressing because you couldn’t see the physical help paint what the lyrics were portraying. Same thing Boosie’s “Better Not Fight.”

While others question the moral character of those who still listen to his music, I, on the other hand, continue to bask in the trillness. It’s not like I’m about to commit a crime and say Boosie was the inspiration anyway. Incarcerated was a respectable album in my opinion. Given the circumstances, of course. In “Better Not Fight,” consider this a Trill Family reunion as Lil Trill, Webbie and Foxx all pay homage to their comrade locked behind the walls.

And say what you want, Foxx went in on this. Throw Boosie some commissary cash why don’tcha?

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