Lil Boosie Ft. Webbie – “Show The World” (Unreleased)

01.08.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

“I just wanna show the world that I really do this.”

In rap, you can’t say you like say, an Obie Trice and Lil Boosie in the same sentence. Well, you can but most people can’t comprehend how it’s possible to enjoy both a highly skilled, technical rapper and one that relies off emotion than other aspects.

But, on the unreleased “Show The World,” Bad Azz proves again that he’s one of the best out when it comes to drawing fans into his world, a point he signifies with lines like “As for my fans, I love y’all, straight up, Y’all a part of me so any hate, they hate us.” There’s his heart on his sleeve again, too, when he tells the truth about crying, then turns around and shows his conflicted nature (“I feel trapped, I feel superstar”) that makes you want to rock for the guy and see him win.

As usual, Webbie always benefits from his Baton Rouge counterpart’s presence, allowing him to shake off some of the jesterly nature we see in interviews and tap into his own thoughts to share in rhymes. See, that’s all part of Boosie being a man of the people, bringing other people up along with him.

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