Lil Boosie – “Heart Of A Lion”

05.01.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

“…I thugged in the pen around several convicted felons,
Five foot seven, heart big as a watermelon
Underrated my whole life, I love pressure
Love blood like a vampire, I love to wet’cha, n*gga
Had to feed myself cause my daddy wasn’t home
From a young dope dealer to a Don Corleone
I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
Only thing I’m scared of in this world is catchin’ HIV…”

Wake up, wake up! It’s the first of the month and Lil Boosie’s coming through with the goods. Bad Azz drops “Heart Of A Lion,” the first official audio from his Touchdown 2 Cause Hell album. Standard lyrics we’ve come to expect from Boosie, but standard in this case still means entertaining.

The high-pitched inflection in his delivery is all but gone, but he continues to boast one of the most unique and captivating voices in rap. Thank the heavens the one wish we all had came true, too. Bad Azz regaining his rhythm is an on-going process Gotty harked on a few weeks back. Tracks like “Lion,” nevertheless, are proof he’s able to tap the creative memory bank that turned him into a Southern legend pre-prison.

In other words, at least Boosie didn’t “Shyne” himself.

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