Lil Boosie’s Last Dayz: Countdown To Lockdown

09.10.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Just watching these clips remind of Mase’s classic “24 Hours To Live.” Even with full time jobs, school and other duties, it’s sometime hard to fathom how many tasks can truly be accomplished in a set amount of time. With most cases in life, tomorrow always presents another opportunity to complete whatever the previous day didn’t allow.

At this point, only 72 hours separate Boosie from not being afforded that luxury.

It is also at this point where Louisiana’s own opens up in his own words about the rock and hard place he’s currently in between. Let my man tell it and it was a case of a district attorney attempting to make a name for himself and Lil Boosie just happened to be the bait. Regardless, chain smoking is still the norm and the anxiety continues to build, but nothing stops the money – not even the federal penitentiary. Turns out 50 wasn’t lying when he tweeted weeks ago he recorded a song with Bad Azz. The actual track isn’t played or shown in the process of recording, but the groundwork is.

In a sharp change of emotions, however, moments of joy are even seen as Boosie rides around the city with his child’s mother and child. Here, a potential quote of the year candidate is found.

“Money in my pocket. Money at the house waiting on me. Got a show tonight, too. Like I said, I’ll be ok. My girl gon’ send me naked pictures with that big ass booty. Come see me every week. Conjugal visits three hours. So that means, I’ll be fuckin’ in jail!!

Episode 3 is more of the same with the 225 soldier splitting time between recording, shooting videos, counting cash and consoling his children with the inevitable. That’s the people you really have to be worried about for real. As fans, we’ll get our fix of Boosie. His work ethic is solidified and Lord knows how many tracks are stashed away. What I mean by this is, it’s possible to be a rapper and not be around, but the only way to be a good father is to actually be there.

Juvenile even slides through a recording session to make sure he sends his fellow Louisiana native off properly. Unless you’ve lost track of time, we are now officially t-minus 48 hours and counting.

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