Bye, Bye Boosie

11.11.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

Capone-N-Noreaga preached about parole violations over a decade ago but since the South came to power, most of the older classics don’t even matter anymore. It’s disheartening, disappointing and any other word you can think of to attach the “dis” prefix to see this go down.

Why Boosie? Just why? When you got the deuce, it certainly wasn’t anything to dismiss candidly but now that Bayou Boys hit him with the double up, that 730 on the calendar surely seems more inviting than imaginable. It’s important for our Y.B.E. that The Man is always watching well before they’re able to slap a device to your ankle. A disconnected judge presiding over a rapper’s case? Anything other than a guilty plea is a waste of time pimpin’. The judicial system can prove to be bigger haters than any Lil’ ___ in hood. They have the power to knock your hustle legally for the slightest slip-up and it fucking sucks.

Sadly there is plenty of time to let this resonate. I would tell him to keep his head up but TC doesn’t suck d!ck. No buddy.

Download — DJ Folk, DJ Got Now & Lil Boosie – The 25th Hour

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