Lil Boosie’s Letter To Save A Young Fan

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09.26.11 27 Comments

Watch enough of A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight and you’ll see all kinds of misguided kids. Not too long ago, a 15-year-old named Alex appeared on episode and proclaimed he wanted to be like Boosie, his favorite rapper. Word must have traveled back to Bad Azz and he penned the letter seen above in response to his young knucklehead fan. In the video below, the camera’s capture Boosie’s cousin “Donkey” reading the letter to Alex via telephone.

Not for nothing, Boosie must give Webbie similar pep talks to get the latter to rip mics when they get together. Alex’s aspirations paralleled Webbie’s words for his verse on Incarcerated’s “Long Journey” closely, since rappin’ and trappin’ go hand-in-hand these days.

“Them niggas 12, 13 going on 23, countin’ cheese out the box
Bandana tied, outside with a Glock and rocks
Nigga dropped straight out school ’cause we ain’t makin’ a dime
Told me I need a education, told them bitches they lying
Told me no way I ever make, to get a straight ass job
Hit the streets, no application I was already hired
…Put my gat by my side, made myself a lil promise
Work, robbing or rhyming, I’m coming out shinin’.”

On each of his appearances on the album, Webbie delivers sharp verses with a starkness and on-a-dime delivery he can’t seem to sustain on the solo tip. Only with Boosie does he seem to muster up the competitive fire necessary to deliver an applause worth verse. Trill Savage needs Boosie, not like Scottie needed Mike but like how Steve Kerr needed a great setup to nail the three.

Lil Boosie Feat. Webbie – “Long Journey”

[Free Boosie]

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