Lil Durk Isn’t Playing Around On ‘Shots Fired’

08.24.14 3 years ago 6 Comments

lil durk shots fired

“Shots Fired!” has got to be one of Internet’s favorite things to say, along with “Exclusive,” “Classic,” and “Amazing.” We see “shots fired” in response to questionable-at-best subtweets that sensationalist people turn into beefs, while “Exclusive” is used for a song that every other blog has already posted, “Classic” describes an album that dropped a mere week ago, and “Amazing” is used to describe music that is anything but. In other words, some people could stand to revisit a dictionary because they don’t seem to know the actual descriptions.

It’s safe to say, though, that Lil Durk means what he’s saying in “Shots Fired.” I’m basically a pacifist, but the Chicago cats are the last ones I’d want to cross. From DJ Citi’s upcoming mixtape called The Crib, Durk links up again with Paris Bueller and Roksteady to deliver this ominous cut.

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