Lil Herb – “Just Bars” Video

07.01.14 3 years ago

Lil Herb’s “Just Bars” is self-explanatory by the title alone. As he states at the track’s opening, “Got a lot of shit on my mind I’ve been tryna’ get off me man” and get it off he does in roughly four minutes. The topics of discussion constantly shift as he goes with a state of consciousness flow, covering everything from his loyalty to his team, how working with Nicki Minaj opened up his options and taking a moment to take it all in as a young artist who’s on the brink of something bigger.

“Pocket full of Jacksons, shoebox full of Franklins
Smoking on Jamaican, all my clothes be stinkin’
I know n***** hatin’, choppas like the Haitians
I ain’t single-chasin’, I’m just bein’ patient
Everything I’m saying, history in the making
Listen what I’m saying, I get in my zone
Offer me a milli I won’t even take it
Where I’m from man, mill look like a n**** made it…
Coppin’ and I’m flippin, smoking and I’m sipping
F***ing and I’m pimping, package and I’m sending
Rapping and I’m trapping, earning and I’m spending
Make a broke n**** learn to pay attention”

Me and Tins always call Bibby and Herb the new Boosie and Webbie but truth is Herb resembles the best and possibly the worst of both of the terrible two from Baton Rouge all by himself. An ill voice and able to switch his delivery to different speeds. An awareness to take in all that goes on around him with an equally uncanny ability to put it all to words so his thoughts are crystal clear. Earning his stripes as the man in his city but staying so close to the streets that they could take him under before he makes it to the top. His skills and current position within the Windy City movement are enviable to most artists but come with a weight and worries that most wouldn’t dare bear.

So far, Herb’s shown his able to shoulder the load and ready to embrace all the positives and negatives that come with it. Every now and then, the guy just needs to unload with track’s like “Just Bars” so he can keep a clear head.

Ballin Like I’m Kobe, coming soon.

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