The iPod Shuffle – Lil’ Jon And The Eastside Boyz’s “Put Yo Hood Up (Remix)”

01.04.14 4 years ago

lil jon put yo hood up

“Get Low” was the biggest record in the country around the time I started really getting into Hip-Hop. It was here that I started exiting that awkward adolescent phase that we all go through in our middle school years, and began to formulate my own style. Out went whatever I used to wear, and in came Ecko, South Pole, and (ugh) Phat Farm. And with all this, a powerful affinity for the ATL crunk sound also entered my life.

Of course, all I listened to was whatever was popping on the radio, so my “unique” tastes weren’t all that different from every Tom, Dick, and Harry yelling Lil’ Jon ad-libs at junior high dances. But naturally, I thought I was all that and made it no secret that Petey Pablo, Ying Yang Twins, Trilleville, and Lil’ Scrappy were among my favorite artists. And so when my birthday rolled around that year, one of my close friends bought me Lil Jon’ & The Eastside Boyz’s remix EP Part II that was basically just a few reworked tracks and DVD with music videos, but it was dope all the same.

“Put Yo Hood Up (Remix)” was instantly the first ‘new’ song I gravitated to. Even though it had been around for some time, I hadn’t even sniffed anything that wasn’t a single, so it was fresh out the studio to my ears. Little did I know that a certain croaky-voiced rapper named Jadakiss would eventually belong amongst my favorite emcees, and that in a couple years’ time I would start to think that pretty much every other rapper on the CD (not named T.I.) was complete trash. But hey, Part II was my first foray into rap and every now and then pops up in my rotation.

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