Queen B-Day: 5 Lil Kim Songs To Blast For Her 40th Birthday

07.11.14 3 years ago 10 Comments


Today is Lil Kim’s birthday, which I guess is as good enough reason to play some of the raunchy rapper’s music. Let’s take this opportunity go back and listen to highlight some of her better tracks. That most of them come from 1995-96 is mere coincidence.

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“Get Money”

Kim got her first bit of shine as a member of Junior MAFIA on this hit single. The duet with Biggie went platinum and the Sylvia Stiplin sample still holds up today.

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No Time

One year after “Get Money”, the Queen B dropped her first solo album Hard Core in 1996. This first single, with some assistance from Diddy, is still street, but a bit more polished that previous records.

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“Ladies’ Night” Ft. Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat, & Missy Elliott

Before she gichie ya ya’d on the Lady Marmalade remake, Kim did this track featuring some of the most notable female rappers she wasn’t beefing with at the time.

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“Queen Bitch”

I’m generally a sucker for tough talk over hard drums and a scratched hook, but this also gives me an excuse to post Biggie’s reference vocals. “HEY LOOKIT, BIGGIE’S RAPPING LIKE A GIRL!”

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“Came Back For You” (song starts :52 secs in)

After a bit of a hiatus , Kim came back to the rapping on 2003’s La Bella Mafia. While the 50 Cent featured “Magic Stick” was the much bigger single, I prefer this track, produced by a then burgeoning Kanye West.

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