Lil Kim’s Taking Shots At Nicki Minaj Again On ‘Identity Theft’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
08.06.14 15 Comments

Lil Kim - Identity Theft Nicki Minaj Diss

Lil Kim ain’t scurred. She swiped Beyonce and Nicki’s “Flawless” a few days ago and got ethered by the net, which would normally deter an artist from pressing their luck again. Not Kimmie because her she is with “Identity Theft.” The sour chorus sums up why Kim’s delusional and why should shouldn’t go this route: “Y’all got just what y’all wished for, and y’all gone feel her reign.”.

Nicki Minaj Eww


Just lifeless and the flows aren’t much better either so Nicki probably won’t even honor this with an acknowledgment, much less a rebuttal.

Now, somebody clue me in here regarding Kim. Is she taking hormone treatments or smoking methols heavy on the regular, because her voice sounds mad husky?

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