“Dancing On The Moon…” – Lil Kim’s Debut On Dancing With The Stars

03.10.09 9 years ago 27 Comments

Words By Thembi

Pic By ABC

I usually don’t watch Dancing With The Stars because of the corny cover music, barely famous “stars,” and obnoxious judges. But this season, aside from the marginally interesting David Allen Grier and Denise Richards, there’s Hip-Hop’s own overly plasticized and suddenly Asiatic-looking L’il Kim. My feelings on Kim have been mixed for a while and she has only gotten crazier by the minute. First, you have her constant beefing about Notorious and how she was misrepresented in the movie. Now, in a recent interview Kim claims that Biggie talks to her in dreams and he is not happy with various aspects of the film. I certainly don’t know why she’s been so out of pocket around the flick almost two months later, but real talk – what in God’s name happened to her face? I think Biggie would have more of a problem with the fact that she’s morphing into Lil’ Kim Jong Il than with any aspect of his biopic. Was it always her plan to re-create herself as a “black Barbie,” dancing with her Ken? Check out this clip from last night’s Dancing With The Stars season premiere.

As much as I wish Kim hadn’t big-upped the Federal prison system quite so hard, she looks like she really has a chance in this competition if she keeps the hoochie moves and body rolls to a minimum, so I’m going to keep on watching. My question is, is keepin’ it gangsta and half-nekkid enough to keep Biggie from rolling over in his grave out of embarrassment?

Lil Kim Sees Biggie In Her Dreams [Rap Radar]

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