Lil Phat’s Murder Allegedly “A Hit” By Former Russian Mobster

04.29.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Given the fact this story relates to a former Russian mob figure, no slick jokes or wisecracks will be made. The story as to who killed Lil Phat nearly a year ago may be closer to an answer. The murder allegedly may have been orchestrated in order to avoid having Phat spill the beans on a stolen car ring.

Mani Chulpayev, the former mobster, is one of three men in custody with a fourth suspect still to be arrested. He is accused of organizing the plot which killed Phat in the parking garage of Atlanta’s Northside Hospital. As the story goes, Chulpayev was the ring leader of said shady car business with the 19-year-old Phat being a client. Phat informed the police the BMW he was pushing was leased by Chulpayev and also found out later to be reported stolen. From there, well, adding one and one together isn’t exactly rocket science.

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