Lil Reese Got Arrested Again #3hunna

07.29.14 3 years ago 10 Comments

No matter what happened to anyone else yesterday, no one had a worse Monday than Lil Reese. First reported by XXL, the Def Jam rapper was arrested in Chicago for felony possession of a firearm. The details of his arrest are still sketchy but he is still in police custody on a $50K bond.

The arrest was only one of several for Reese, born Tavares Taylor. In July of last year, he was charged with “a little weed”, which came after he was charged with auto theft in June. In April of 2013, the fuzz pinched Reese for outstanding warrants when they found him asleep in his vehicle. The majority of those previous charges were eventually dropped but his latest felony charge could be a headache since it involved a firearm.

Update: It looks like Reese is out – or someone who’s running his Twitter account is doing an impressive job manipulating the English language to make me believe it’s Reese – one day later and he seems to be accusing the coppers of planting the gun on him.

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