Of Course Lil TerRio Has A Music Video

05.23.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

Why? It’s a simple question that is as loaded as the baked potatoes fighting for space on a tired Georgia child’s crowded plate. I ask it every time I see poor TerRio’s chunky face on my computer’s screen. Look, I ain’t gonna get all thinkpiecey here, but where is Helen Lovejoy when you need her?

After touring the country, spending time with DJ Khaled and other rap luminaries, and generally looking over the whole thing, our favorite Vine star/exhausted first grader finally has a full-length music video. “Oooh Killem” features an unsatisfying buffet of struggle rappers, and the young husky department shopper’s now world famous dance moves. The song is likely to be included on his upcoming album titled I Was Just Thinking.

If you’re looking for me this Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be the one in the #FreeTerRio t-shirt.

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