Lil Wayne: Behind Tha Carter III With Rhapsody

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Tha Carter III

Last night, the homie shot me this feature interviewing most of Tha Carter III producers. I posted it in the review but I think it went unnoticed and it prolly shouldn’t have. So…

A Milli” (produced by Bangladesh)

Bangladesh: This girl I produced for, Shanell, got it to him. But I never went to the lab with him. If I had my way, I would like it more. But I wasn’t around, so what he felt, he put on there. I just thought he would make more of a song out of it, honestly. He’s just rapping. If it was going on the mixtape, it’s cool, but not on no album or single. It’s saying “a milli.” He needs to pop about being a millionaire. He switched it up and tried to make it “ill.” If that was somebody else, it wouldn’t be on the radio. They just f*ck with Wayne regardless. That right there makes me like that sh*t, because it’s against the grain and it’s working. That sh*t’s no format. A n*gg* went in, freestyled, and that sh*t’s all over the radio. And it’s the hottest beat in hip-hop right now. Every time I turn on Rap City, they in the booth rapping to the beat. Busta Rhymes hit me not too long ago and said he did five verses to the beat and it “rebirthed him.” He was talking to me like I did this amazing reincarnation for him like, “I sound like a newborn baby!”

Well…the culprit responsible for all these damn “freestyles” and “remixes” lol.

Read the rest because there’s words from David Banner & the homie Maestro.

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