Lil Wayne’s Lawsuit Against Birdman And Cash Money Is Still On Apparently

01.21.16 2 years ago 5 Comments

The beef between Lil Wayne and Birdman/Cash Money may have slowly started to simmer down but certain aspects of the disagreement are still alive and well. Even though father and son have popped up in spaces and places together recently, the legal battle between the two is alive and well, according to TMZ.

Sources tell the outlet that Weezy isn’t backing off his lawsuit, the one claiming he’s owed $51 million and the push to have CMR release his Carter V album. As for all of the love Baby professed for Lil Wayne in Miami, those words and gestures are said to be him continuing to try to soothe the personal side of their dealings before the business portion gets worked out.

Personally, claiming you’d kill for me doesn’t amount to much when you’ve allegedly been involved with a plot kill me, but that’s just me. Even if we could call that water under the bridge, forgiving a debt as large as $50 million would be impossible, because how will I explain that my future generations? “Hey, yeah, you could’ve been set for life but me and my rap dad hugged it out. I told him not to worry about all that money.” In the present, it’d be especially hard for Wayne to forgive the debt since Wayne’s not the only one affected by the numbers coming up funny. Drake, Nicki, and even Tyga have a legal stake in recouping earnings from Birdman.

All jokes aside, at least the animosity has died down. Back in July, the Bird and son couldn’t even be in the vicinity of each another without drama popping off. Now that things have died down, let’s hope both parties can settle their remaining differences on paper and get back in the business of the music business in the booth.

(Via TMZ)

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