The iPod Shuffle – Lil Wayne’s “BM J.R.”

06.29.14 3 years ago 15 Comments

lil wayne tha carter album cover

“If the elements don’t murder you, the riders will…”

Ten years ago today, an 18-year-old Tins caught a ride to Circuit City in Hampton, Virginia. Pre-college had just started at Hampton U, basically summer school for incoming freshmen and a chance to get a jump on talking to girls who’d be there in the fall.

I remember copping Lloyd Banks’ The Hunger For More and Weezy’s Tha Carter; the latter of which received significantly more spins. “BM J.R.” to this day remains one of the hardest audio contributions Cita’s baby boy ever provided the world. Defiant, hungry and brash, Wayne had graduated from the youngest Hot Boy to Cash Money’s unquestioned alpha dog, a title Tune eagerly embraced.

And like it or not, C1 was groundbreaking in a sense. Although already underway with his famed underground SQAD tapes and The Prefix, this album would ignite a five-year run through rap we might never see again.

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