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Jream. Non-Standard Name, Standard Sexy

Lil Wayne Boosts Lane Kiffin’s Street Cred [TRU]

Rip Hamilton: Michael Curry’s a Liar [Slam]

Catholics Pissed At Larry David For Pissing On Jesus [Animal]

Door Knockers: Five People Worse Than Trick-Or-Treaters [Urban Daily]

Celebrities Who Won’t Need A Mask This Halloween [Hello Beautiful]

Cheated Texas Lottery Winner Says He’s Staying Hopeful [Dallas News]

Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge Cop Still Drinking Buddies [Gawker]

Charles Barkley Wants To Return To NBA? [Black Voices]

Halloween Costumes: Start ’em or Sit ’em [Afrojacks]

50 Cents 15 Million Security Bill [Contact Music]

5 Reasons To Watch The NBA This Season [Hoop Docs]

Historical Figures Leave Their Browsers Open [College Humor]

An Update On The Dune Remake [Pajiba]

Taking on the Man: Musicians Who Sue Their Record Label [Getback]

TSS Shirts For $11 [TSS]

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