Lil Wayne’s Reportedly Ready To Take Cash Money To Court To Release ‘Tha Carter V’

12.25.14 3 years ago 22 Comments
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The Lil Wayne-Cash Money rift appears to be increasing by the day with TMZ reporting Weezy is allegedly ready to duke it out with Baby and co. in court.

Sources very close to the feud tell TMZ … Wayne has issued a simple ultimatum, in writing, no less — release “Tha Carter V” pronto … or he will sue to leave Cash Money altogether.

We’re told Wayne is standing firm in his belief the album is ready to go — but Birdman still says there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work left to be done.

Wayne and Birdman still aren’t speaking to each other. We’re told Wayne is only focused on the album. When and if that gets done, he’ll worry about fixing the friendship … if that’s even possible now.

Notice the word “sources” thrown around, so take the reports with the understanding there are two sides of the story yet to be told: Cash Money’s and the truth wedged somewhere in the middle. But Wayne hasn’t minced thoughts about CMR lately, and where there’s smoke, fire normally exists on the other side of the door.

Couple that with Mack Maine voicing his frustrations as well – not to mention Tyga and the countless artists before him – and what has been the elephant in the room for years is now the biggest storyline surrounding the label heading into 2015. Something quite funny is going with Cash Money’s, well, money. And the biggest cash cow the label has ever known already appears to be one foot out of the door. Even if the other is tied to a ball and chain (otherwise known as a contract).

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