Video Of ‘Grown A** Blood’ Lil Wayne Being Confronted By Some LA Crips Last Night

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07.30.14 54 Comments
Lil Wayne


I almost forgot Lil Wayne was a “grown a** Blood” until I saw this video of him being confronted outside Hollywood hotspot Supperclub last night. Wayne was simply exiting the club with his new lady Christina Milian when the rapper was stepped to by two Crips, one of whom identified himself as “Big Magic.” Certainly not the most intimidating gangsta name I’ve ever heard. Unless “Magic” is suppose to mean that he makes people disappear. I don’t know. My gangsta knowledge begins and ends with rap music.

Anyway, looks like Magic didn’t take Wayne not “checking in” too well as he makes some comments about that. Security didn’t let anything pop off though and an unbothered Wayne entered his Maybach and sped off.

Still, Big Magic remained outside, yelling, “Crip, n*gga! F*ck sh*t up, n*gga! N*ggas can’t say sh*t. Can call who you want to, n*gga. Birdman. Anybody.”

You can’t just walk around doing sh*t. – DMX

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