Lil Wayne’s New Song “D’usse” Sounds Like The Old Lil Wayne

05.15.14 4 years ago 43 Comments

Lil Wayne D'usse

“Here we go,
Bitch I’m cool, Coolio
She say ‘Tune, do me slow’
How many fish did Hootie blow? I don’t know
Fuck who knows
I got a redbone with two golds
And she snort too much of that Michael Jackson
That bitch gone need a new nose
I ain’t got time for you hoes
Shit I only got two goals
And that’s get money, get money”

For all the “Weezy fell off” chatter out there, Lil Wayne’s starting to show and prove that he never fell anywhere. Slipped up and just needed to regain his footing, maybe. But with “D’usse,” a freebie before C5, he’s showing that the fire still burns and he plans to go out spitting on what’s supposed to be his final album. His voice fully animated (without being grating), chest-thumping and full of bravado, this is that old Weezy we can get behind.

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