Lil Wayne Ft. Future & Drake – “Love Me” Video

02.14.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Regardless of how much credit you personally give Weezy, he’s the owner of a hit record. A smash, even. And to help further bolster the record’s visibility, wait no longer for the video for “Love Me” on the most applicable of days. With rap’s new age version of Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant – Future and Drake* – manning the misogynistic crooning, the video leaves no stone unturned. Women, weed and alcohol are the three vices for most memorable nights.

Not lost in all this is the magnitude this single and the quality of I Am Not A Human Being II are for Wayne. Dedication 4 was largely a swing and miss with the only real haymaker being “No Worries,” a hit itself. That leaves the rap world four years removed from No Ceilings, his last project to overwhelmingly win-over rap’s ever-changing public.** If Wayne’s career really mimics that of Kobe Bryant’s, then…you know what? Just enjoy the video. We’ve got time for specifics and comparisons later.

Roll up a blunt, pour up a glass and watch this video with your lady.

Props: Yardie

* – This is about 50% jokes and 50% serious.

** – I feel like this is said every six months or so, with it being overdone each time. But it’s so true though.

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