Lil Wayne Tells Ja Rule His Favorite Prison Meal Was Doritos With Ramen

05.20.15 3 years ago 18 Comments

Shout out to the prison industrial complex for even making this conversation possible. We see you!

But on to serious matters… of fine cuisine and creativity in bleak circumstances. Here we have Lil Wayne and Ja Rule on a video call discussing their preferred gustatory delights from the bing. (That’s “favorite meals” to the unaccustomed.)

Lil Wayne went to Rikers Island in 2010 on a felony gun possession charge. He served one year there, and had to make dietary adjustments because prison food is sautéed/processed garbage. Ja Rule had to serve a 28-month sentence at Brooklyn Detention Center for tax evasion. Sometimes, convicted men need to share a joyful moment from their traumatic stints to put things in perspective. This is Weezy’s recipe guide:

Ja Rule: What was your favorite meal?

Lil Wayne: We used to have — on Tuesdays and Thursdays — that was the only day we’d get chicken Ramen noodles. You crunch them b*tches up. You get you some Doritos–


Lil Wayne: You crunch the Doritos up in the bag and then you pour the Ramen noodles in there.

Ja squealed with all the excitement he once reserved to shout “It’s MURDAAAAA” when Wayne shared, candidly, that he would crush up the Doritos bag and use it to season his cooked ramen noodles. For a little extra oomph on that bowl of disgusting.

If this is a preview of Ja Rule’s reality show, and it seems like it is, then sign us up for every episode of this down-home, true-to-life storytelling. Rappers in their twilight make for compelling human interest stories because they’ve literally seen the top of the world and the dregs of society. But since they’re so resourceful, they manage to make both look baller as hell.

(Via Miss Info)

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