Lil Wayne, The Thespian? Antoine Fuqua Thinks So

03.05.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

In his Q&A with The Urban Daily, the Training Day director says Weezy could and should go into acting.

You got your start in the business directing music videos for artists like Prince and Stevie Wonder. Last year you worked with Lil Wayne for the “Mirror” video–what was that experience like?

“I really liked Lil Wayne a lot, I think he’s really talented. What I loved about him is that he was totally professional. I would give him some direction and he’d say “I got it.” He had an actor’s way about him– he was very serious. He came on set and asked me what I thought. It was similar to some of the great actors I’ve gotten to work with, that have an instinct about them. The things he does in the video like shaking hair or gritting his teeth, you think that’s Lil Wayne being Lil Wayne , but he’s a really cool cat. I told him he should really look into doing some acting.”

Read the full interview at The Urban Daily.

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