Lil Wayne – “Mrs. Officer/Comfortable” Video

10.31.08 9 years ago 19 Comments

Featuring Bobby Valentino, who’ll I’ll throw a pass for rockin the S-Curl fade, circa Ronald Johnson, while singin’ “whoop whoop” in the background. You’re safe this trip Lil Bobby.

I’m more irked by Wayne. Did this lil aggin just employ some strange hand motions around the 1:30 mark? Oh really Dwayne? I swear this dude & Souljah “Shoutouts To Slave Masters” Boy are the prime reasons I don’t watch videos now. Can anyone please explain to me when this fool had time to bang if he’s been Baby’s Michael Jackson boy toy since his early teens? It’s shit like this that makes me question the cosmic order of the universe. To think that aggins, truly lyrical cats, like Biggie, Bundles & L got gunned down & this posturing prick can’t even catch a flesh wound to silence him for a while?

Yeah, that was all harsh but sometimes it has to go down like that. At some point, all this fuckery in rap has got to give. One of these days Alice © Ralph, you’re gonna come here & we’re just gonna call this shit “The Gospel Section” or “The Used To Be Smoking But Now We Drink Green Tea Section Because All These Hoe-Ass Aggins In Rap Made It Wack.”

Or somebody just do away with this lil codeine-dependent aardvark.

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