Saturday Matinee: ‘The Carter’ Documentary

12.06.14 3 years ago 10 Comments

The Carter Title

In the six short years since his breakthrough album, Tha Carter 3, things certainly have changed for Lil Wayne. Quincy Jones III probably had a hunch that he was recording the next superstar of rap in 2007-2008 when he was producing The Carter documentary, but there’s almost no way he knew just how gigantic the New Orleans superstar would become during that filming. What QD3 eventually had was a gem, a rare portrait of an artist at his absolute zenith and that picture was stunning.

What should have been a celebratory depiction of Tunechi’s meteoric rise to the peak of the music world, but there was much more to the Dwayne Carter story than that. Wayne was a combustible blend of weed, drank, work ethic unmatched since Pac and talent just bursting through the seams. It was that mix turned the documentary into something much darker than probably intended. Wayne’s addiction was ceaseless throughout the nearly 90-minute runtime and it was tearing apart friendships along the way. There was a man so consumed by his work and his vices that there was little room for anything else. This was the place that Wayne took temporary residence in in order to reach his peak, but it was also the same place that nearly caused his demise.

In the end, Tune sued QD3 over the documentary, a lawsuit that was the source of the hilarious deposition that became infamous online. Tune eventually lost, and the producer continued to distribute the doc to the masses and gave us the closest glimpse to the insanity that birthed a superstar that we’ll probably ever see.

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