#TBT: Paying Homage To The Lil Wayne And Young Money Tour Bus Concert Of 2007

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Whenever Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. decides to call it quits for good, he’ll be remembered for an anthology of reasons. His music. His wardrobe. His infractions. His controversial moments. His four kids by four women. His unique views and affiliations with sports teams. And truthfully, those fail to begin to crack the surface.

In a sense, all are courses of a potluck of traits encapsulating Wayne, both positively and negatively. Tune’s run from 2004-2009 has been highlighted in the past, both online and various locals from bars, barbershops and any place where music debates can potentially sprout. It was unprecedented. The features, singles, albums and mixtapes all represent high points.

Yet, one of the unheralded nuances of Weezy’s half-decade run was managing to increase the thirst for new music even as new material literally hit the Internet every 12 hours or so. Demand was overtaking supply, and supply was already surpassing unforeseen rates. Flooding the market worked for Wayne in ways it normally derailed others. An instance in particular were five clips that hit YouTube in the spring of 2007, featuring Wayne, Mack Maine and Curren$y doing normal rapper things on a tour bus, promptly setting the ‘Net on fire over a 10-day span.*

The result was a long since forgotten classic moment in Cash Money Records history.

Part I: Curren$y Waxes Poetics On “Money, Drugs, B*tches, Liquor”

Saying Curren$y was high in this clip is like saying Magic Johnson enjoyed himself in Los Angeles in the ’80s. No one can say he didn’t live what he rapped though.

Part II: Long Live The Late Night Creep

Young Money’s original big three of Weezy, Spitta and Mack Maine handle the heavy lifting here as the trio explains the joys of the smash and dash. And without question, Mack has the standout verse.

“Before I say something I smell breakfast from the kitchen
Get to the kitchen though it’s like I’m seeing double vision
Thinkin’ I’m still sleep I go to rubbing my eyes
Then I open ’em wide, and to my surprise
As I realize I had a nice time with twin sisters
Same b*tches that was proclaiming to be Christian
That’s when I start tripping and was like OK
Sat at the table for some eggs, grits and OJ…”

You know, the same thing happened to me once except it was hashbrowns diced with tomatoes and not grits.**

Part III: Music You Can Fly To, Courtesy Of Good Weed & Bad B*tches

We’re still drinking. We’re still smoking. The two young ladies are still present, probably high off contact just enjoying moment. This time, however, it’s Spitta opting for the solo route with Wayne playing hypeman.

Part IV: “Ask Dem Hoes”

By far the most popular clip from Wayne’s impromptu tour bus unplugged session was this one. Thankfully, “Ask Dem Hoes” landed on one of Weezy’s eleventy-billion mixtapes to drop in 2007. While it didn’t impact radio for obvious reasons, the record became a undergrad house party classic.

Fun to rap along with the stop-and-go flow and not serious enough to write think pieces on in ’07, I’m comfortable in saying “Ask Dem Hoes” ranks near the top of the most enjoyable Tune songs to recite.

Part V: Good Side/Bad Side

Wayne’s catalog is as deep as anyone who has ever claimed rap as their livelihood. Yet, there are a few projects Weezy never followed through on including T-Wayne with T-Pain (which would have been nothing short of fire had it dropped in 2008), Blood Brothers with Game and an official I Can’t Feel My Face with Juelz Santana.

To be fair, we were blessed with the “advance” version in the summer of 2006; a copy continuing to earn the occasional spin eight years later. “Bad Side” was another nugget from Santana and J.R. exhibiting the natural chemistry the two possessed in the mid-2000s. Judge for yourself whose verse reigns supreme, but by far the funniest moment from the video is when Juelz raps “two nickels make a dime every time” as Wayne points to the two young ladies sitting down.

* – I remember stalking NahRight, TSS, YouHeardThatNew and a few other sites every day to check the next installment. Great times, great times.

** – Not really. My luck is nowhere near that good.

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