Lil Wayne’s Work Overflow Means He Has Lots Of New Albums On The Way

06.19.14 4 years ago 25 Comments

Apparently Lil Wayne’s in a real zone with making music. A zone so serious that he’s recorded way more than enough material for Tha Carter V. In the latest episode of Weezy Wednesdays, he explains how he ended up with all of these new songs and what his plans are for them.

“I’m dropping two albums. This year, look for two albums from me because I kinda been out the game for a second, ya dig, album wise. Honestly, the reason why it became two albums because I went to work on Tha Carter V and…I just never stopped working.”

Later in his monologue, Weezy mentions that they’ll be “dropping like seven next year.” For those keeping count, that’s a potential nine albums, per his words. Which may be influenced by that smoking object he holds in his hand.

So much for retirement.

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