Lil’ Wayne Vs. Skip Bayless

01.05.09 9 years ago 43 Comments

On Tuesday, Lil’ Wayne will be invading ESPN2’s airwaves as a guest on First Take. He’ll be pitted against Skip Bayless in the 1st and 10 segment.  2009, at least the early part, will be akin to the year after winning a National Championship on the college level where you get a recruiting bump. For Wayne it’ll be in the form of endorsements and media shine like this.  Not bad for an album that will be remembered more for it’s sales than content.

I’ll be checking this out, partly to see if Weezy is as up on sports as he claims to be, but mainly because it falls into my daily viewing habits anyway.  I’ll wake up & make it through an hour of Sportscenter, then flip to the deuce while I peruse through my Google Reader.  Such is the life when you work 2nd shift!  I can’t call myself a Skip Bayless fan by any means because he has a definate bias to anything Hip-Hop related and Eminem is the extent of his Hip-Hop knowledge (surprise, surprise). However, I can respect his pompus know-it-all attitude and he will admit fault when proven wrong. 

So this will either be great entertainment or excruciatingly painful to watch.  It really depends on how much lean Wayne drinks before the show and whether he reads the pre-written cue cards.

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