Lil Wayne’s Lost His Marbles New ‘Krazy’ Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
08.11.14 14 Comments


“Yeah, I got my mind right, and my money right, my head on my shoulder
And my eyesight a lil’ blurry but it’s stayin’ on my quota”

Lil Wayne’s not perfect. No man is. However, now that he’s back on drugs a bit more, he’s gaining back his rapping legs and it shows on “Krazy.” Sucks to say “hey, rapper, get back on dope so your music gets better” but it’s mostly true Tune. With intoxicants now in his system, Tha Carter V is sounding more lyrical and energized than the previous installment. Just stay off the syrup Weezy.

There’s not a lot to the video for the song. Just Wayne being restrained in a pysch ward with Jesus, which is probably symbolic to how Mary Magdalene’s son was misunderstood when he walked the earth. How very fake deep of you, Wayne.

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