The iPod Shuffle – Lil Zane’s “Ride On Em”

03.22.14 4 years ago 9 Comments


Talk about someone who fell completely off the face of the Earth. Although half the people reading this won’t even know who I’m referring to, in late 1999 and into the new millennium, Lil Zane’s name was actually somewhat popping.

Charging out of the ATL scene with his Young World: The Future debut, the baby-faced rapper had a hit record with 112 in “Callin’ Me” and overall chance of solid marketability. Yet, even with Billboard status and actual talent to back it up, the Priority Records MC pretty much fizzled out of the hip-hop limelight to pursue more reliable acting gigs.

Still, every time I stumble upon “Ride On Em,” the question of whether or not Zane made the right decision always comes up. Using his automatic flow and vividly-depicted gangster tales, this guy straight assassinates the digital banger with ease and leaves listeners ready for war by track’s end.

We’d like to hope Lil Zane can still rap like this, but we’re too afraid to listen to his 2013 mixtape Champagne & Dirty Sprite to find out.

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