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10.27.09 8 years ago 60 Comments

If you’ve been here any amount of time then you know that Gotty™ knows nada about Doom, Madlib, Madvillian or any of these evil comic book characters who rap. Normally, I’d leave this material to David D. or one of those dudes who still plays video games & believes that wrassling is real. But I think dude is somewhere tickling his balls or writing haiku or something.

But if you also know anything about me, you know I’ll post something if I think it’ll serve the greater good. And since I absolutely love how a Doom post brings cats out of the woodworks, here we are. Gotty™ posting Doom stuff.

No download directly available because Stones Throw will break my balls. Nice guys though. I actually met Peanut Butter Wolf once. It was @ a Mayer Hawthorne show. My guy was all “You have to meet Wolf!” And I’m all :| but :) because I’ve never met an actual wolf. Had no idea who he was or that he wasn’t really a wolf (hey, it was L.A., I didn’t know if they brought animals to the club*).

After the fact, I found out he owned the label and I was surprised that such a nice fellow because one time we posted some ST stuff and an overzealous employee was blowing my inbox up, ready to call the RIAA or some fuck shit. I guess it was symbiotic of one hand not knowing what the other’s doing. But, that’s the reason why you see me avoid posting their material for the most part. So if you’re one of those smart dumb niggas © Raekwon and you’re smart enough to unmask the stream, don’t be dumb enough to expose the link. Please thanks.

And for the fact that some of it really brings my mood down. I’m so not a underground. I live above ground. In a house. With working commodes.

Anyways. J. Rocc was on NY’s East Village radio the other day and played snippets of several tracks from Madlib and MF Doom, aka Madvillain. Suave sent it through with three exclamation points so it must be serious.


Listen — New Unidentified Madvillian

*They do however bring animals to the club in ATL because one of the dudes @ A3C had a puppy with him. In fact, dude was on the bill to perform. He walked right up to the door and they stopped him. He’d been in and out several times before without a word being said so I don’t know why they stopped him this particular time.

Loud ticket lady: You can’t take that dog in there.

(He’s so far away that I can’t hear what he told her)

Loud ticket lady: Well, that’s the owner over there so you’ll have to talk to him.

Genial White man enters the conversation. A few words exchange and dude walks right in with that goddamn grey dog. Lil motherfucker looked like a New Balance shoe with legs if you asked me. Damn cur didn’t even have a leash on. I was baffled.

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