Listen To Pivot Gang’s John Walt’s ‘Wildwood’ Ft. Saba x MFNMelo’s ‘Anti-Social (Remix)’

12.25.14 3 years ago

Words By Emanuel Vinson

Saba had a hell of a 2014. He dropped his impressive sophomore tape COMFORTzone and pushed it all year long around the country. As 2015 approaches, Saba’s Pivot Gang is readying solo debuts from the rest of the crew.

John Walt’s “Pineapple Wildwood,” produced by Saba, rides off a lush jazz sample. John and Saba are the melodic side of Pivot and Walt’s at home over Sab’s ticks and bumps. The soothing “Wildwood” feels romantic without really being a song about love. It’s more about the vibes as Walt’s robotic vocals build on each other toward hypnotic climax.

MFNMelo’s “Anti-Social” remix pretty much replaces all of “Wildwood”‘s goodwill with hate. The remix features Melo, Saba, Fatboi, Chris Crack, and a lot of decent ass rapping. Pivot is heavy on grooves and “Anti Social” rocks slow and low. Everything is a sonic pleasure, even on a joint about not f*cking with you.

John Walt’s Dinner with John and MFNMelo’s Melodramatics are due out early next year.


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